Chocolate Chip Banana Bread French Toast

6 whole eggs
½ cup half and half
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of sugar

(This recipe is very forgiving. You can increase the eggs or the milk depending on how you want it to taste

Heat a 10 inch non stick pan and add butter to it. It’s best to use clarified butter, which has a higher burn point. You can easily find it in grocery stores (it is also called Ghee). Dip generous slices of Chocolate Chip Banana Bread in the batter and then directly into a bubbling pan. Brown on one side and flip it over. Do it over medium heat. The key is to go slow and get a nice brown crust and let it heat all the way through! If you want to add a layer of pure decadence, place a slice of cream cheese in between two pieces of banana bread. Then dip into the batter and proceed to cook.



Compliments of Chef Sarah Stegner, Chef/Owner, Prairie Grass Cafe, Northbrook, Illinois