Chocolate Chip Banana Bread French Toast Recipe

6 large eggs

3 Tbs. whipping cream (you may substitute with sour cream)

½ tsp. sugar

Pinch cinnamon

Pinch table salt

1 Hungry Monkey Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, sliced into 6 pieces (you may substitute with our Original Banana Bread)

2 – 4 Tbs. butter, preferably clarified

¼ cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional)

Whipped Cream (optional)

Maple Syrup


Whisk first five ingredients in shallow bowl.

Heat 2 Tbs. of the butter in large skillet on medium heat (preferably clarified butter as it has a higher burn point.  You can find it in most grocery stores; it is also called Ghee).

Dip slices of the banana bread into the mixture, one at a time, making sure to soak it enough to get through, but not too much so it gets soggy. Place slices in sizzling butter, careful not to crowd the pan. Add more butter if you see banana bread is beginning to stick to the pan.

Heat until the bottom gets nicely browned/caramelized, then flip over and repeat.

Place slices on cookie sheet, lightly covered with tin foil and place in a 250° oven until ready to serve.

Place dollop of whipped cream and maple syrup on top to serve! For extra decadence, sprinkle with mini chocolate chips!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @hungrymonkeybaking with your creation!