About our shipping-

We ship from northern Chicagoland and via UPS, who we find the most reliable with the best rates (we charge you only what pay, which is generally 40 - 50% less than regular rates). However, we may switch carriers should there be a better way given the circumstances (if a package needs to be there on a Sunday, for instance, we may switch to FedEx). If we make this choice, we will cover the additional cost. If you need a package there overnight, please choose the overnight option (however, if shipping to the Chicagoland/southern Wisconsin, eastern Indiana, southern Michigan, or eastern Iowa area, there is no need to pay for expedited shipping as it generally gets there the next business day).

We do our best to ship your sweet treats on the same day you order if the order is received before 2 PM CST.

If you order on a Thursday or Friday, depending on the destination, we may hold the shipment until MONDAY so the sweet treats don’t sit on a truck or warehouse over the weekend so it arrives fresh!

Please know that we will never compromise the quality over speed of delivery, and therefore, we typically ship:

  • East Coast (with the exception of Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont): Mondays through Wednesdays (arrives in 3 days from ship date);
  • Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont: Mondays and Tuesdays (arrives in 3 – 4 days from ship date);
  • West Coast, Arizona, Utah, Washington State, Idaho, Dakotas, Nevada, and the western part of Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas: Mondays and Tuesdays (arrives in 4 days from ship date);
  • Local Chicagoland: Monday – Thursday (arrives next business day); and
  • Midwest: Monday – Thursday

UPS Shipping Map

It's important that our Hungry Monkey treats arrive with as much freshness & love with which they were prepared & packaged. With this in mind, please understand that some things are beyond our control, such as natural disasters.

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While extremely rare, we may have to make substitutions for an item at equal or greater value.