FAQ & Delivery


About our shipping
We ship Monday through Friday across the Continental US & Puerto Rico, with the exception of California (we only ship Mondays through Wednesdays to California since shipping takes a day longer and we don't want anything to sit over the weekend in a facility or truck). Please know that we will never compromise on quality over speed of delivery, and therefore, we only ship Monday through Friday.
It's important that our Hungry Monkey treats arrive with as much freshness & love with which they were prepared & packaged. With this in mind, please understand that some things are beyond our control, including the COVID-19 Pandemic & the fires in California which has affected shipping. 
Current Shipping times which will vary:
Midwest = 1-2 days
East coast & South = 2 days
West Coast = 3-4 days



Do you ship to me?

Yes, we can bring the Hungry Monkey Bakery straight to your home with nationwide shipping!

To ensure our delicious treats arrive with you in the same freshness with which they leave our oven, we only ship nationwide Monday through Thursday.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday shipping is available only for all Chicagoland zip codes.

I'm based on the East Coast, do you ship to me?

Yes, we offer USPS or FedEx ground or Home Delivery from Monday through Wednesday.

I'm based on the West Coast, do you ship to me?

Yes, we offer USPS & FedEx from Monday through Thursday. 

Do you ship to Canada?

For orders going to Canada please contact cindy@hungrymonkeybaking.com for more info.

Do you offer Gluten Free products?

Hungry Monkey Bakery is not certified Gluten-free however our Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons are made without gluten!

What's in my Hungry Monkey Sweet treats?

You can head to our nutritional page to check the ingredients and nutritional value of all our ''crazy good'' sweet treats.

Where can I find you?

We bake Hungry Monkey out of a commercial kitchen just north of Chicago and you can find us:

Can I have Hungry Monkey products at my event?

We do offer bespoke packages for special and corporate events, as well as bulk orders. For more information email us at cindy@hungrymonkeybaking.com 


While extremely rare, we may have to make substitutions for an item at equal or greater value.