Our Virtual Baking class With Yelp!

We had a BLAST baking brownies with nearly 150 Yelpers from across the country; we had some serious fun! Much gratitude to all the YELPERS -- thanks for showing up and for being so enthusiastic -- loved the comments and questions. And, thanks for taking the time to review the class!!! Many thanks to Yelp North Shore for hosting this virtual event (and to their INCREDIBLE Community Director, Angela Schaeffer) for orchestrating. And a big shout-out to to Rebecca from Yelp New Orleans for helping moderate the virtual event. And to the many Yelpers who attended who posted IG stories, so creative and fun -- THANK YOU!

A special thanks to all the "little yelpers" who joined in tonight...Christopher & Andrew (Houston) and Chloe (Seattle). Who else was there? I saw a super sweet little girl towards the end! A few pics of these adorable chefs and their creations are posted below! While I could not see everyone, I did see some IG posts with Yelpers' creations. Thanks to all for posting your brownies on social media!!

While we can't share our top secret brownie recipe, we are happy to share this best ever chewy brownie recipe which you will love! You can find this delicious recipe right here - click me

If you attended the event, I encourage you to write a review. It's helpful to Yelp and it's especially helpful to me to hear learn what I need to improve, could explain better -- and it also let's me know what you enjoyed and/or learned. Here's the link to create a review: https://www.yelp.com/biz/virtual-yelp-event-brownie-baking-with-hungry-monkey-baking-lake-forest