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Chocolate Budino

I was obsessing about what to make for my husband, Tom, and daughter, Lily (our hungry monkey) for Valentine’s Day. Something rich, chocolatey, and smooth – and cold sounded good. And then this recipe for Chocolate Budino (and Italian rich chocolate pudding) hit my inbox from Smitten Kitchen! Smitten Kitchen is a blog for home cooks created by Deb Perelman. Deb originally started writing online in 2003 while also working as an art therapist, and she eventually began the Smitten Kitchen blog in 2006. She is one of my go-to bloggers for amazing, fool-proof recipes.

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St Patrick's Day Brownies with a Mint Buttercream and Chocolate Frosting!

These Brownies with a Mint Buttercream and Chocolate Frosting are devilishly delicious! The mint buttercream layer in the middle is a nice departure from the brownie bottom and insanely rich chocolate frosting. These are the perfect St. Patrick's Day dessert, especially since the mini buttercream center is green and such a nice surprise when you bite into it! I found the recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction, one of my go-to places for inspiration. While I love to create my own recipes, I also appreciate when I find people who are baking insomniacs like me and won't stop until the recipe is just right. Sally McKenney is one of those people!

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